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Human Resources Policies and Procedures 2.8 (Problem Resolution) states that:

The Partnership provides means for all persons involved in the agency to bring problems and concerns regarding their employment to their immediate Supervisor initially and then to the Human Resource Director. The Partnership supports and encourages all employees to use appropriate conflict resolution practices to address their concerns and issues at the most immediate level.  

Employees will be given an opportunity to present their concerns and to appeal decisions by management through a formal problem resolution/grievance procedure. All concerns or incidents will be documented and placed in a file separate from the employee’s personnel file. This policy in no way alters the policy of employment-at-will.

Non-employees will also be given an opportunity to present their concerns and to appeal decisions by management through a formal problem resolution/grievance procedure. All concerns or incidents will be documented.
The Partnership prohibits retaliation against any employee who has filed a problem or complaint, or against anyone who participates in a related investigation.

To ensure prompt investigation and response, complaints of harassment, discrimination, wage and hour matters, or retaliation MUST be made by following the specific complaint procedure for such allegations and NOT using the procedure set forth below for other general complaints.


  1. Immediate Supervisor: All grievances should be presented to an immediate supervisor. The individual and Supervisor should attempt to address the problem through discussion or after consulting with appropriate management, when necessary. The Supervisor will document the discussion. If the problem involves an employee's immediate Supervisor or if the immediate Supervisor cannot resolve the issue, the employee should proceed to the Program Director. In most cases, the Program Director should involve the Human Resource Director immediately to ensure the issue is documented and followed up. If the issue involves the Program Director then the employee must contact the Human Resource Director immediately.
  2. Human Resource Director: If previous efforts fail to bring a satisfactory resolution, the individual may petition the Human Resource Director. The Human Resource Director counsels and advises the employee, assists in putting the issue in writing, and visits with the employee’s Supervisor(s), if necessary. If the problem is not resolved, the employee should proceed to the CEO.
  3. CEO: The issue must be presented to the CEO in writing. The CEO will review and consider the unresolved issue. The CEO will inform the individual of the decision and forward a copy of the written response to the Human Resource Director for filing. TheCEO has full authority to make any adjustment deemed appropriate to resolve the problem.  If the unresolved issue involves the CEO, the employee should proceed to the Human Resource Director who will attempt to mediate the problem. If the issue is unresolved, the Human Resource Director will contact the Board of Director’s Chairperson and the Executive Committee.
  4. Board of Director’s Executive Committee: If the employee is not satisfied with the CEO's decision and so desires, he/she may appeal in writing to the ExecutiveCommittee of the Board of Directors within seven (7) days of the Executive Directors decision. The Executive Committee will consider and review the problem and may ask the employee to meet with the Committee. The Board Executive Committee will make its decision within thirty days of hearing the unresolved issue and inform the individual of the decision in writing with a copy of the response to the Human Resource Director for filing. The Board Executive Committee has full authority to make any adjustments deemed appropriate to resolve the problem. The Executive Committee’s decision is final.


Children's Services 2017-18 Program Data Reports

Our Children's Services Programs are required to report data related to program performance each year.  Below are the most recent (2017-18) Program Improvement Plans (PIP), Self-Assessment, and Program Goals Data. 
Click on the thumbnails to access the PDFs for each document.

Program Improvement Plan Cover    





Program Improvement Plan            Self-Assessment (Approved by Board on August 23, 2018)











Program Goals Data (Pages 1 and 2)

*** REMINDER: Payday for all Partnership employees is on Friday of the pay week.  Although most direct deposits post on Wednesday of any pay week, paychecks are considered 'on time' if posted by close of business on the Friday of the respective pay week.***


Children's Services Organization Chart (August 2018)







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PEEHIP is now offering 24/7 access to a nation-wide network of U.S. board-certified and state-licensed primary care physicians, pediatricians and family medicine doctors through telephone or video conferencing visits.  Employees will need to create an account online, or call 855-477-4549, before utilizing the service.  Once signed up, follow the steps to quickly seek treatment for yourself or a covered dependent.

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Employee Vacation Calculation Table

Completed Months of Service on

January 1


Up to 185 Work Days

Up to 205



Up to 230



Up to 245



Up to 260 Work Days

New hire/Less than 1 Year







1 – 60 Months






10 Days

61 – 120 Months






15 Days

121 – 180 Months






20 Days

181 Months or More






25 Days